Friday, June 17, 2011

And I Am Telling You You're Not Going

06/17/11  |  10:10am
I would like to take back the disdain I insinuated earlier regarding representatives for whom English is not their first language.  Gerardo and I do not hail from the same homeland, but we found common ground in our mutual hatred for Dispatch.  This proves my theory that all it really takes to unite the masses is a common enemy.
“Gerardo,” I said, “We have to work quickly.  If he leaves the area we’ll never get him back to the house.  It’s like the Rapture.  If you’re not ready, you’re screwed.”
“You are not to worry, Mr. Payne,” said Gerardo.  “If he leaves, we will make sure he goes back.  I do not know how he could not see a problem that you or I could see very easily.”
I like how Gerardo phrases things.  It makes me feel we are in this together.
According to the notes on the account, at 10:04am, the Field Supervisor was dispatched to our home, and was unable to locate our lock box.  I do not know what this means.  Gerardo is also at a loss, because it seems as though one does not achieve supervisor status without being able to troubleshoot advanced problems like seeing a cable hanging freely in front of a window.
Gerardo types like the wind, explaining exactly where the coaxial cable is dangling in front of my house.  He notes the time elapsed, that he is the tenth representative to handle this case, and that they ignored the clear notation from Katie (whom I hope is taking care of her voice) to call my cell phone.
Gerardo and I are presenting a united front.  I feel foolishly hopeful.  I am not to worry.
(Call length: 15:45)

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