Friday, June 17, 2011

Judy Judy Judy

6/16/11  |  8:39am

On my way to work, I call Comcast and get Judy, who is just delightful.  She reminds me of my Aunt Billie Ruth, sort of simultaneously down-home and aristocratic.  It’s a skill I envy.  Judy looks things up and informs me I’m on a 12-hour appointment, so the tech will arrive between 8am-8pm.  I confirm with Judy that I do not need to be home for this.  We share a laugh about something, I forget what, but she’s a real charmer.  I hang up and wish Judy could come over and watch Oprah: Season 25 Behind the Scenes with me.  If I ever get my service back.  I decide the time period I want to live in is the near future, after the technician has repaired my cable.  (Call length: 4:54)

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