Friday, June 17, 2011

Hoarse of a Different Color

06/17/11  |  7:57am

Katie has lost her voice, which is a terrible hindrance for a customer support representative.  She’s sucking on cough drops, gargling with salt water between calls, and hanging in there, God bless her.  This is not a problem for the beginning of our call, because for the first ten minutes, I do all the talking.  Dispatch never contacted us. Our ticket has not been updated, there are no notes from Dispatch.  For over half an hour, Katie tries valiantly to get any kind of momentum on our ticket.  But she hits a brick wall at every turn.
It breaks my heart, but one of us has to put a stop to this.  I tell Katie it’s time for us to recognize that she, like the eight colleagues who fell before her, is powerless against the Death Star Fortress that is Dispatch.  They are holding us hostage.  We need a new plan of attack.  I need a supervisor to take up this cause.  “Who,” I ask, “handles cases that have gone horribly, horribly wrong?  Who is the Obi-Wan of Customer Support?”
Katie writes a very detailed e-mail to her supervisor, and promises someone will call with an update today.  I ask her to lay out specifically what I am to do if they do not call by 6:00pm.  She says to call back, give the ticket number, and I’ll be connected with a supervisor.  I ask why we can’t just do that now.  She says because the supervisor will need time to investigate.  This makes sense.  I allow for it.  I leave my cell phone number if they have any questions, explaining that my husband cannot answer his cell phone at work.
 (Call length: 48:17)
On the drive into work, I hear an ad guaranteeing that if I order XFINITY from Comcast right now, a technician will be at my house to set it up within twenty-four hours.  The commercial fails to mention what happens after that.

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