Friday, June 17, 2011

Trust Issues

06/16/11  |  7:23pm
It’s getting down to the wire.  Judy and Jenae both felt really good about this happening by 8pm.  But Mama always told me to go with my gut.  So I call again.  And I’m placed on hold for seventeen minutes.  Tannica comes on the line, and I have to tell the story again, describing the dangling coaxial cable.  By this point I have explained this, in detail, to six Comcast representatives.  Do they not take notes?  Because I sure as shit do.   It is worth noting that I have been polite, jovial, and lighthearted with each of these representatives.  I have worked customer service.  I am mindful of not maiming the messenger.  Tannica assures me we will see that technician by 8pm.  (Call length: 20:21)

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