Friday, June 17, 2011

Clay and I Diagnose the Problem

6/14/11 | 7:13pm

I come home and sit down to watch a little Oprah: Season 25 Behind the Scenes (did y’all see the one with Jennifer Hudson?  That was intense), but I discover my cable and internet are not working.  I text my husband, who is at a Phish concert, but I try not to judge because we all have our hobbies and it’s fun to remember the 90s.  He sends me the account info.  I call Comcast and a nice man named Clay walks me through some steps to determine if the problem was with a device or connection.  When those steps prove ineffective, he schedules a technician to come to the house the next day between 2-5pm.  It’s the last remaining slot on Wednesday, he tells me.  How lucky I feel.  How fortunate. (Call length- 14:01)
I make arrangements to leave work early the next day, and go outside with my dog.  (Her name is Daisy.  She is a Jack Russell Beagle.  They call them Jackabees, but I cannot bring myself to use that term because it sounds like a sex club for bumblebees.)  I find that the coaxial cable running from the house is dangling in the air above my head.  This is a relief, as tomorrow I will be able to show the technician the source of the problem, and I’ll be watching Oprah yelling “I need my shoes” in no time.

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