Friday, June 17, 2011

The Computer and I Disagree On Sequence of Events

6/15/11  |  5:28pm
I call Comcast to find out where the technician is.  I’m told that the appointment was cancelled.  By me.  “No, I would have remembered that,” I say.  “It says that you did,” was the reply.  Alright.  I am not going to argue with her computer, because I am sentient, and it is not, and therefore I feel my own ability to discuss motive and action should carry more weight.  We can work through this.  Some sort of computer glitch.  I explain to the representative that I have a cable hanging from the outside of my house, which needs to be reconnected.  She offers a time slot on Friday from 2-5pm.   I cannot take time away from work again.  I reiterate that the cause of the problem is outside my house, so would I really need to be home for that?  She says since the problem is just outside, we might be able to resolve this tonight. 
I’m transferred to a lovely woman who, after hearing the story, says she can likely get a technician out to the house tonight before 8pm.  We get along quite well, me and this lady.  I tell of my frustration, looking out the window and seeing that damn coaxial cable dangling in the air, wishing I owned a ladder.  (I’m sure I’ll get one eventually.  I just bought mulch for the first time.  Made myself a flower bed.  Being a homeowner changes you in almost imperceptible ways until you barely recognize yourself)  She assures me that she will call back in the next fifteen minutes and let me know either way.   Victory.  We are back on track.  (Call length: 17:32)

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